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Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. Launches
Statewide Tele-Optometry Vision Program

Transforming Vision Services for Georgians Who Need it Most

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. announces the first statewide Tele-Optometry vision program to serve uninsured and underinsured children, adults, and seniors in Georgia. Beginning with Ben Massell Dental Clinic of Jewish Family & Career Services in Atlanta, the first patients will receive eye exams utilizing this state-of-the art technology on April 20 – 21.

“Today in Georgia, 52 counties in Georgia have no vision services, explains Edwin Link, Executive Director, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.. “This cutting-edge technology will enable us to bring vision services to Georgians who need them most.”

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. operates two place-based clinics – one located in metro Atlanta (Chamblee), and the other at Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta. With strategic clinical partnerships and mobile clinic services, Georgia Lions Lighthouse covers all of Georgia, providing the full continuum of vision care – from vision screenings to full eye exams; the fitting of low-cost prescription glasses (made in – house) to no charge cataract, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy surgeries; and referrals to needed vision specialists.

Ben Massell and Georgia Lions Lighthouse both help underserved communities in Georgia. The Ben Massell Dental Clinic of Jewish Family & Career Services, provides free comprehensive dental care, and Georgia Lions provides free or low-cost vision care.

“We could not be happier to welcome our valued partner, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. back into our Dental Clinic in April. Vision and hearing services, like dental care, are often ignored, especially if one does not have it covered under a health insurance plan. Bringing these services together in one place for our patients brings joy to our hearts and critically important services to our patients,” said Melissa DaSilva, Managing Director at Ben Massell Dental Clinic.

Why Tele-Optometry | Access and Affordability

  • Average patient cost exam/glasses = $25/person vs $300 of for profit
  • 52 Georgia counties currently lack a vision care provider
  • 30% of Georgia counties lack eye care services
  • 1.4M Georgians were uninsured in 2019
  • 408,000 low-income Georgians do not qualify for Medicaid in Georgia and make too little to get financial help to buy private insurance at These Georgians have incomes below the poverty line (less than $12,769 a year for an individual or $21,720 a year for a family of three) and fall into the coverage gap with no affordable health insurance options.

About Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.

As the most comprehensive statewide vision services provider organization in Georgia, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. is the trusted leader in providing improved sight to Georgians who need it most. The not-for-profit organization’s mission is to provide vision with education, detection, prevention and treatment. Through strategic partnerships and mobilizing healthcare professionals, research and technology, we enable greater independence and increased quality of life for Georgians in financial need. Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. is the largest vision care providers for uninsured and underinsured in the state, managing more than 6000 patients visits annually at a full-service optical clinic, three glasses-only clinics, mobile clinics, and the new statewide tele-optometry program to address the unmet vision care of Georgians. Consistently ranked among the top non-profit organizations in Georgia, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. has impacted the lives of Georgians for more almost 75 years thanks to generous support from the community. Visit for more information