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Kia donates $90,000 to Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.

Atlanta, GA (May 9, 2023) – Kia donates $90,000 to Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.s’ Title 1 Atlanta Public Schools and YMCA Summer Camps initiative to provide eye screening, eye exams, and glasses for all students.

Children throughout Georgia are in the classroom. Educators spend countless hours preparing for their students and Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. wants students to be ready for their education. Some studies show that as many as 21.5% of children aged 6 to 11 and 24% of youth aged 12 to 17 have vision problems. Others have identified youth rates closer to 10%, with over 90% of the problems due to uncorrected refractive errors (nearsightedness or farsightedness). *

To date, 780 have received screening because of this initiative funded by Kia.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.’s involvement with the Atlanta Public Schools initiative thus far has experienced closer to 40% of the youth needing additional vision services from the initial screenings.  Regardless of the exact percentage, a significant number of children and youth are affected. The priority is to reach Georgia’s children early when the social, behavioral, and educational foundation is informed.  According to the CDC, Georgia will experience a 200% increase in vision impairment by 2050.

According to research conducted by the Emory Eye Center, 52 counties in Georgia currently have little or no access to eye care. And today in Georgia, 19.5% of Georgians are experiencing life below the poverty line.

Kia America’s Southern Region Director, Percy Vaughn said, “The most important way to help is through financial giving, as the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. has the resources and infrastructure to deliver vision services, glasses, surgical support, and trained volunteers to the places and people that need it most.”

This initiative will operate through October 2023 and includes:

  • Eye screeningsperformed by Georgia Lions Club trained volunteer.
  • Eye exams are provided by either volunteer doctors or through VSP vouchers from Lions Club International Foundationto local vision providers for students identified through screenings in need of further examination. 
  • Fabrication and delivery of glasses to eligible students by Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.. There is no cost to the child for these services or their first pair of glasses.
  • Follow-up satisfaction surveys obtained by Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc..

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.’s Executive Director, Beth Ehrhardt said, “When a student’s vision is not clear, their educational and social development is impaired.  This can lead to behavior problems in the classroom as well. Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. believes all children deserve access to affordable vision care. We bring improved sight to Georgians who need it most.” 

Alongside Kia, other partners and organizations have partnered generously to support the Transforming Comprehensive Vision Care for Children initiative including Atlanta Public Schools, YMCA, Lions Clubs of Georgia, Lions Clubs International Foundation, and the Peach Bowl.

If anyone reading this wishes to donate to the Transforming Vision Care for Georgian’s Children fund then you can do so by following the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc..

*Source: Emory Eye Center