Woodruff Foundation Grant Affords Lighthouse New Vans for Statewide Travel

Over the past couple years; the Lighthouse has grown by leaps and bounds. With new avenues of funding opened and strategic partnership developed with many generous Atlanta-based charitable foundations, the Lighthouse has found itself position to extend their services across the great state of Georgia. These new partnerships have established them as Georgia’s largest charitable vision and hearing care nonprofit, providing services to the uninsured and underinsured. In 2009, the Lighthouse was able to serve over 1200 uninsured Georgians with quality hearing and vision care. Fast-forward six years to 2013 and that number increased by over sixty-percent.

This growth is no fluke. Thanks to a substantial donation like the gifts from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation of Atlanta, the Lighthouse was able to expand their mobile vision and hearing services departments to areas of need, across the state. With the Woodruff Foundation’s gift of $50,000, the Lighthouse was able to purchase two brand-new Ford Sprinter panel vans to replace the dangerously deteriorating existing van, which was on its last legs.

Interestingly enough, this was not the first time the Woodruff Foundation has offered substantial support to the Lighthouse. In 2009, the foundation donated an astounding $500,000 in capital to the Lighthouse towards the new office in the heart of Chamblee, where they are today.

The new mobile clinic vans have been dressed up in the finest vinyl wraps, prominently displaying Lighthouse branding. Their clean white exteriors are not only eye catching but also convey the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is a beacon of high-quality vision and hearing care. Not only are these vans new and easy on the eyes, they are also considerably safer and more fuel efficient than their older counterpart. With safer, prettier and more fuel efficient mobile clinic vans, the Lighthouse has been able to provide access and increase the quality of life and independence of thousands of Georgians who might not have access to these services otherwise.

The Lighthouse truly appreciates the unquestionable altruism that the Woodruff Foundation has shown. Without organizations such as these, many Georgians would not have the gift of sight or sound.

Woodruff Foundation Grant Affords Lighthouse New Vans for Statewide Travel