Why Prioritize Online Applications?

We’ve heard from several patients indicating they’d like to better understand our decision to prioritize the processing of online applications (as opposed to paper applications). Below, we’ve shared their concerns and provided answers.

Q: “That’s not fair to people who don’t like/don’t have/can’t use computers.”

A: The Lighthouse is charged with making the most efficient and cost-effective use of the resources and materials entrusted to us. Paper applications are vastly more expensive and time-consuming to process. We remain committed to serving as many Georgians in need as possible, but we must balance that commitment with the reality of available staff, time, and finances, as well as demonstrate to our stakeholders and funding sources that we are actively embracing opportunities to streamline our processes.

Q: “I don’t have a smartphone.”

A: If you are unable to borrow a smartphone from a friend or family member, you may wish to visit your local library or an internet café and use the computers available. Alternatively, you may wish to check your eligibility for a program like Assurance Wireless, which provides free smartphones to qualifying applicants. NOTE: The Lighthouse is not in any way affiliated with Assurance Wireless or programs like it. We are providing this information as a courtesy only and cannot answer any questions regarding such programs.

Q: “So I’m being penalized for not liking computers.”

A: Whether you like them or not, the world of 2019 virtually requires the use of computers. It is becoming increasing difficult, and impossible in many ways, to conduct daily life without them. The Lighthouse is merely adopting policies and procedures that reflect the reality of our time.

Q: “What if I drop my application and documents off in person? Will that speed up the process?”

A: Paper applications will be given second priority at this time regardless of the manner of delivery.

Q: “My elderly friend or relative can’t use a computer.”

A: We understand that it sometimes takes a village to get an individual the care they need. We are grateful to the good friends and family members who kindly assist the elderly and disabled in locating all necessary documentation and completing the application.