Please Consider a Gift in this Season of Sight and Sound

Tree lights. Jingle bells.

We all experience the holiday season through the sights and sounds that surround us. For Georgians faced with a sudden medical need, this time can feel significantly less magical. 


Wyatt W. did not pass his newborn hearing exam. An auditory brainstem response (ABR) test confirmed that he would need hearing aids. The hearing aids would cost over $5,000, and their insurance would not cover them. 


Angela, Wyatt’s mom, found The Lighthouse, and Wyatt received a pair of low-cost hearing aids. Their hearing specialist recommended that their other child, Hudson, be tested again. As suspected, their other infant son was also suffering from the same hearing loss. But now Angela knew what to do. 

“Taking that financial burden off of us so we can focus on helping the boys reach their potential and instead of worry about what we were going to sacrifice is one of the biggest blessings we’ve experienced.” – Angela 



Wendy D. had nearly given up on the hope of seeing her children’s faces again. It had been eighteen months since she received a cataract diagnosis, and she was almost completely blind. Wendy did not have insurance, and the procedure would cost upwards of $8,000.

Wendy was put in touch with The Lighthouse. Her ophthalmologist, Lighthouse partner Dr. Brian Kim of Professional Eye Associates, said her cataracts were among the worst he had ever seen; he would not make promises of major recovery. After her first procedure, she blinked her eyes in astonishment – her vision was nearly clear in that eye.

The following Friday after her surgery, all of her children gathered for a family dinner that she was finally able to cook for them. Her youngest, twelve at the time, had changed so much in those eighteen months. Previously coming to her shoulder, he was now taller than she. She could see that now.

Family pictures. Carolers at your door.

Please give today to help these families experience a season of sight and sound.