Hearing Aids

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation provides hearing aid assistance for approximately 1000 low-income Georgia residents every year. The Lighthouse partners with 150 hearing providers across the state, 4 hearing aid manufacturers, and multiple other health organizations to provide these services. The program is funded in large part by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

The cost of the hearing aid package is based on a sliding scale. The client’s household size, income, and type of hearing aid needed will determine the cost of the package, ranging from $95 to $260 per aid.The Lighthouse does not cover the initial hearing exam. If you need a hearing test, please contact one of our partner audiologists or hearing aid dispensers.

Program Package Includes


  • Up to 2 digital hearing aids
  • A 3 year service warranty per aid
  • A 1 year loss and damage warranty per aid
  • One (1) set of ear molds
  • Four (4) appointments with approved Lighthouse provider

Program Eligibility

  • Georgia Residency for at least one year
  • Income within 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Current hearing test (less than 6 months old)
  • Georgia identification

If you have questions about your application, its status, or information missing from your application, please call 404-325-3630 ext. 330.

If you have general questions about the hearing program, Lighthouse-approved providers, or your co-payment, please call 404-325-3630 ext. 321.

A few reminders about the program:

  1. You will be contact via mail or email two-three weeks after we have received your application. This letter will inform you of your application status.
  2. There is a co-payment associated with your hearing aids. It is based on the style of aid your provider recommends, as well as on your monthly income. There are no payment plans.
  3. You may submit a hearing test from a non-Lighthouse approved provider with your application; however, you will need to choose a Lighthouse-approved provider to move forward in the program. He or she will have to accept the hearing test you already have, or they will require you to get a new one with them. To be safe, try to get your hearing test done with a Lighthouse-approved provider. Please read our New Patient Letter & FAQs for more information.

Hearing Program Partners

List of Our Current Hearing Providers

Audiologists and Hearing Professionals

Our Hearing Programs provide care to children and adults in Georgia through funding from the Georgia Public Service Commission, a network of hearing professionals across the state, and partnerships with top hearing aid manufacturers.

Children’s Hearing Program | Adult Hearing Program

Through both programs:

  • Patients receive a hearing aid package with new, digital hearing aids from a top hearing aid manufacturer, an earmold(s), and provider appointments (see specific program details in the links above)
  • Providers are reimbursed for services given to Lighthouse patients. Services include: earmold impressions and hearing aid selection, dispensing appointment, and two follow-up visits.
  • Providers order directly from the hearing aid manufacturers.
  • The Lighthouse has contracts with Unitron, Beltone, and Oticon hearing aid manufacturers to provide specific sets of products. Phonak provides aids for our pediatric patients only.

Please see the links below for more information about the program. If you would like to participate as a Partner Provider, please fill out and return the W9 form and the Provider Agreement form to Elizabeth Nelson Routh, the Hearing Program Manager. You can reach Liz at .

W9 form PDF document

Provider Agreement PDF document

For more information about the program, please see this FAQ page PDF document with commonly asked questions and answers.