Eye Surgery

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The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation was founded in 1949 when three Lions Clubs came together to fund one sight-saving surgery. We now perform more than 350 surgeries across the state every year.

The Lighthouse provides surgery assistance for:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes related vision loss

Requirements for Services

  • Be a legal Georgia resident
  • Complete the application process
  • Have no insurance or other way to pay for the required surgery
  • Meet financial guidelines

“The Lighthouse is a wonderful program. It helps a whole lot of people who wouldn’t have that chance to see again, and it gives them a second change at life. I’m so grateful to get my sight back.”
– Cheryl Tisdale, eye surgery recipient


The Lighthouse Foundation Eye Surgery Program is supported by a dynamic team of surgeons:

Joe Andersen, OD
Nancy Barr, OD
Kimberly Betton, OD
Gina Borgnini, OD
Krystal Bragg, OD
Wes Broome, OD
Glenda Brown, OD
Tiffany Brown, OD
Meg Brya, OD
Mary Carlton, OD
Jennifer Carter, OD
Gabriel Colon, OD
Henry Croci, MD
Jeffrey Crowder, MD
Drew Davis, OD
Janelle Davison, OD
Horace Deal, OD
El-Roy Dixon, MD
David Edmonds, OD
Kyle Edwards, OD
Stephen Farkas, MD
Jon Forche, OD
Mario Forcina, MD
Melina Friedman, OD
Pamela Gerwitz, OD
Annette Giangiaomo, MD
Judith Hendrickson, OD
Charles Ho, MD
Robert Hughes, OD
Amy Hutchinson, MD
Joel Jenkins, OD
Alexander Keller, MD
Andrea Knouff, OD
Michael Leary, OD
Peggy Lindsey, MD
Joseph St. Louis, MD
Mary Lynch, MD
Robert McCullough, OD
James McQuaig, OD
Michael McQuaig, OD
Robert Millican, OD
Dao Nguyen, OD
Christie Person, OD
Susan Primo, OD
BrigetteRabitsch, OD
Kim Raharja, OD
Dolly Rajammannar-Kakarala, OD
Gary Richman, MD
John Rieser, MD
Michael Rothschild, OD
Denise Shepard, OD
ShaliniSood, MD
Kelly Spetalnick, OD
Jodie Summers, OD
ChanhTu, MD
Thao Vu, OD
Bret Wagenhorst, MD
Kristi Walts, OD
Jennifer Wilcox, OD

To join this exciting team, please contact Victoria Jordan| phone 404-325-3630 x303 | email .