Give Atlanta Update: Week 1

The Lighthouse is winding up the first week of the Give Atlanta challenge and excited to share that, so far, we’ve raised $750! It’s wonderful to see that so many people are passionate Lighthouse supporters and know that the work we do is critical to the independence and well-being of so many Georgians. Our deepest, sincerest thanks to our supporters this week (in no particular order):

Kathy A. Bradley
Donna Looper
David White
Mark Rice
Tom & Martha Hughes
June Phillips
Grace Clower
Kembra Smith
Kate Viana

… and several anonymous donors who, though nameless, are no less deeply appreciated.

The first weekly Bonus Challenge is also underway! To qualify, campaigns must raise a minimum of $500 online (which we’ve done!). There will be three winners chosen at random from among the qualifying campaigns and each will receive an additional $1,000. We’re so excited!

Want to help us keep getting the word out? Share our Facebook post (it’s pinned!), start your own fundraising page on behalf of the Lighthouse (click “Fundraise for this Campaign” in the blue box), or just donate! We know you’ve heard this before, but seriously – every little bit helps. It really does. Your $1 or $5 could easily be the difference between a child getting glasses he or she desperately needs — or continuing to struggle in school and in life.

You. Can. Make. A. Difference.

Give Atlanta Update: Week 1