Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Job Description

Position title: Executive Director

Reports to: Board Chair (on behalf of the Board of Directors)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia


Overview of Responsibilities:
The Executive Director is responsible for the management of the organization, including supervision and oversight of its employees and fundraising for its annual budget. The Executive Director serves as the public spokesperson and external representative of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation on local, state, and national levels. The Executive Director is responsible for leading the staff and volunteers of the organization in accomplishing its mission. The Executive Director, working with the Board of Directors, assures the organization’s relevance to its communities and its accomplishments to its diverse constituents. The Executive Director is the steward of the organization and follows the highest ethical standards, and ensures accountability and compliance with the law, to protect the organization’s reputation and assets.

Download a PDF of this job description (galionslighthousejd2017.pdf)

Key Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

Community Impact
The Executive Director is responsible for the overall impact of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse on its communities, with particular emphasis on increasing its capacity to accomplish its mission. The Executive Director is expected to be an active member of the organization’s team, and actively work within and outside of the organization to further its goals. The Executive Director works closely with the Board of Directors to craft and adapt strategy to achieve these goals, including raising the funds to support them. The Executive Director establishes and builds relationships with key community partners, including those representing the highest levels of business, government, and non-profits to support the mission. The Executive Director facilitates the integration of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation into the communities that it serves, and maintains cooperative relationships with its key constituents.

Business, Resource, and Funding Development
The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of a sustainable business model, fundraising, marketing, and other strategies. The Executive Director and the Board of Directors assess and meet community, development, and other organizational needs, and build strong relationships for the organizations between the Board of Directors and the staff, donors, volunteers, community partners, and other stakeholders. The Executive Director identifies, assesses, and optimizes new development opportunities, and seeks, identifies, and builds collaborative working relationships and partnerships to further the organization’s mission. The Executive Director promotes a culture of fundraising within the organization, both at the staff and Board of Director levels.

Strategic Management
The Executive Director serves as the principal resource to the Board of Directors and its key communities in policy formation and interpretation. The Executive Director partners with the Board of Directors and Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation upper management staff to craft organizational goals and develops long-term and short-term strategies to ensure that those goals are met. The Executive Director ensures coordination and alignment of all Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation activities to strategic direction in the areas of community impact, business, resource, and funding development, programs, and staff alignment.

Organizational Management
The Executive Director is accountable for building and leading high-performing teams, and ensuring that all teams are aligned and collaborating to achieve the organization’s goals. The Executive Director maintains accountability for the legal compliance and operational and fiscal integrity of the organization within the policies set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director develops the annual budget with the Board of Directors. The Executive Director manages and minimizes organizational risks and liabilities and ensures that sound financial controls are in place and in compliance. The Executive Director assesses organizational capacity to implement strategies and programs, identifying gaps in systems and staffing as appropriate; directly supervises the senior management positions and establishes individual goals; works with the Chief Financial Officer to manage organizational spending, manage and monitor budget compliance, and mitigate financial risks; and ensures that goals of inclusiveness and diversity among Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are met. The Executive Director maintains a professional environment that promotes staff development, preservation, retention, and teamwork. The Executive Director cultivates a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board of Directors regarding the measurement of financial, programmatic, and impact performance against the organizations stated goals. The Executive Director works in an office setting for a minimum of 40 hours per week, has the flexibility to attend state-wide meetings and clinics in various locations, and leads and works long hours at fundraising-activities as necessary.


Experience and position requirements:

A qualified Executive Director candidate will have a minimum of:

  • ten years’ experience in non-profit administration and management, with substantial experience with diverse donors and volunteers, developing partnerships, and building revenue and philanthropic support.
  • a master’s degree in nonprofit management or a related field.

A qualified candidate will have proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite and have past experience with budgeting and general computer operations. A qualified candidate will have excellent organizational skills, oral and written communication skills, time management skills, interpersonal skills, and the abilities to prioritize duties and relate to the clients, staff, and volunteers. A qualified candidate will have unquestioned integrity, a long-term perspective, a strong sense of accountability, a practical ability to get the job done, wisdom, good judgment, a high energy level and a good sense of humor.


Organization overview:

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is a non-profit corporation, with a budget of about 2.5 million dollars per year, which provides vision and hearing services to over 7,000 indigent Georgians each year. Although supported by and working with many entities, the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation has maintained an active relationship with the Lions of Georgia since its founding in 1949.


How to apply:

To submit an application for this position, log onto: and submit your resume and cover letter. If you have application questions, please email them to .

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Seeks New Executive Director