History and Purpose

  • The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation provides vision and hearing services through education, detection, prevention and treatment. Through collaborative partnerships, we enable greater independence and increased quality of life for Georgians in financial need.
  • The Lighthouse will work directly with the interns and provide necessary training. These individuals will be expected to be hands-on and engaged throughout the process. The individuals will learn how to communicate through interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, assist within the vision clinics and screenings, along with learning how to work with others.

Program Information

  • After submission of a resume and expressed interest, qualified individuals may be chosen for interviews with members of the Lighthouse staff. If the individual is selected to be a part of the program, an email or phone call will be done to contact the individual.
  • Internships are meant for students in high school, college or continued education to expand their learning within the healthcare field. All applicants will be considered depending on the means of demand within the Lighthouse.
  • Those who submit towards earning course credit through the internship program, will need to provide the amount of hours needed.
  • Those who have set hours or days for internship availability will need to be prepared to share those circumstances during the interview process.


  • All interns are expected to provide a minimum of 50 hours of their time to the Lighthouse during the internship.
  • Interns who are placed in Vision Clinics or the Hearing Program must become HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) trained. This will be provided by the Lighthouse.

Please send all resumes to Lyndsey York at

Potential Opportunities

  • Vision Clinic
    • The first floor of the Lighthouse houses a walk-in clinic for patients. Interns can provide assistance for those who walk-in or have scheduled appointments. This includes distribution of glasses, providing surveys for patients, answer questions while patients wait, assist in filing paperwork and assist the volunteer doctors with their needs.
  • Vision Screenings
    • The screenings are done off site at various health fairs, exhibitor events, public schools and/or in partnerships with other organizations. These are all done based on request and if Lighthouse staff is available. Interns can assist in conducting the screenings, recording the reading and organizing the process for patients who are waiting to be screened.
  • Vision Intake
    • The intake process involves applications. Interns can assist within the entire process. This includes information entry, answering application questions/concerns and following up on submitted applications.
  • Hearing Program
    • Provide assistance by answering phone calls and emails from patients who have questions or concerns about the program.
  • Marketing
    • Work with communications team to help with research and marketing as needed.
  • Development Research and Assistance
    • Work with Development team for donor and prospect research and administration needs.
  • Development of Educational/Informational Materials
    • Develop packets of information for each program to offer more assistance in what the Lighthouse does for the community.
    • Put together educational materials for vision clinics and screenings.
    • Upgrade the informational materials about the program.